Nowt quite like a crispy autumnal blat in a Spridget ...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

September 2012 meeting

a post-Olympic patriotic line-up

September brought us a gloriously sunny day and five spridgets in a range of patriotic colours. Rob & Jenni had got their blue k-midget back on the road after a few months of repair work, John & Carol came down from County Durham in their red Sprite which had just passed it's MOT, and Tim & Sarah were in their white Sprite. Then what could be a more patriotic colour than British Racing Green, the colour of Alan's RWA, who came up from Doncaster. Harvey & Leslie also came across, and we all had great pie. There are some pictures here of the meeting. 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

August 2012 meeting

least power -v- most power

A lower than usual turn out in August, with many people away on their holidays, but we still had 3 spridgets and a Rover P6 gracing Ye Jolly Farmers' car park. It was particularly good to meet Russell who has recently bought a Caterham powered k-series midget (formerly of Alan Lo in Bristol), and he and Rob were able to compare detailed notes on k-series technical stuff - Rob's midget will be back on the road for the September meeting. Also good to see the ever charming and heavily patina'd Cybil, Jason & Michelle's Mk II Sprite, out and about. There are some pictures here of the meeting. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

July 2012 Meeting

 a cheery arrival on a lovely day

We had our youngest ever attendee this month with baby Isla, at 3 weeks of age. Seven spridgets spanning most of the range, from frogeye to 1500, and an MGB, came out to play in the sun. It was particularly good to see Hilary enjoying her frog again after working so hard to recover from her serious neck injury last year. As usual many of us enjoyed a piece of Lynne’s pie after a rather delayed entry into Ye Jolly Farmers due to baby and car chatter... There are some pictures of the meet here. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Meeting in June 2012

typical British Summer Time

On the anniversary of "Midget 50", we had a repeat torrential downpour.  More fool me for only leaving the tonneau on rather than the roof - yes I did get a wet bum on the way home! We were joined by Dale and Freda in their Mk IV Sprite and Porsche, who have recently moved to the Lake District from Hampshire, and Yorkshire is their closest meeting.  Rob & Jenni were in the P6 as their k-midget was poorly, plus some other regulars came in their modern cars, perhaps sensibly considering the major thunderstorm that unfolded... In view of the wetness, no pictures (apart from the above) taken.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Meeting in May 2012

brightly coloured turn-out on a hot sunny day

We had a turn out of five bright, patriotically coloured spridgets in May, which sparkled in the early summer sun.  We were also joined by a Z4, a pre-war J2, and quite a few in daily drivers who either had restoration projects or whose cars were undergoing work.  Superb banter and homemade pies as ever. There are some pictures of the meet here. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

April 2012 Meeting / Daffodil Run

making a splash on the Daffodil Run

A much smaller turnout in April - and no spridgets! On a wet day, Rob & Jenni came in their P6, Sarah and Jason & Michelle came in modern cars.  However, the pie and company were very good as usual.  However MASC made up for it a week later at the MGCC's Daffodil Run, which we were invited to as guests. Tim & Sarah and Harvey & Lesley went in their Sprites, and Ian & Claire went in their midget, plus several other midgets showed up.  This was a fantastic event taking in some great roads in the North York Moors that have featured on our events in the past, plus some some new ones, and also taking in a couple of very swollen fords...
There are some fantastic pictures here

Monday, 12 March 2012

Meeting in March 2012

shiny newly refurbished Atlantis Midget

We had a good turnout at March's meeting at the first sunny spring meeting of the year. Four spridgets turned up, and several others in modern cars.  In particular it was good to see Dave Wigley's MkII Sprite "Dinky" out after a lot period off the road having a new floor put in last year, and to poke over Mark Hall's Atlantis Midget that has now had a full engine rebuild and new clutch system more suited to the 1700 crossflow fitted to complement the excellent body restoration carried out last year.  Rob & Jenni in the k-midget took a break from their winter P6 steed, and Tim & Sarah's "Sebrina" made it out of the garage for the first time since December.  The steak and ale as ever was excellent and the company great.  Here's hoping for a great spring and summer of spridgeting...